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What is ĂN ĐI?

“Ăn đi” is a Vietnamese phrase the cook says to their family and friends to tell them it’s time to eat! …A bit like the French “bon appetit!”


ĂN ĐI food

All of our Ăn Đi food and drinks are homemade from scratch using fresh, quality ingredients. We only serve things that we’d be happy to have for ourselves - in fact, it’s hard trying not to eat everything we make!

Our ethos is for Ăn Đi to be your very own Vietnamese kitchen where you can get authentic, homely food - think of it like you’re going round to a Vietnamese friend’s house and they or their parents cook up some scrumptious delights for you!

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Hi! I’m Ăn Đi’s founder Linh-Chi Nguyen, or Chi for short. I wasn’t always a foodie… Growing up in London with Vietnamese parents meant dinners were always delicious, authentic, Vietnamese dishes however as a young child all I actually wanted were chicken nuggets, smiley potatoes and chicken and mushroom pies! It wasn’t until my younger siblings were born when I decided that it was best we all ate the same meal together as a family and I started really appreciating my parents’ home-cooked Vietnamese meals.

As time went by, my love for food grew and I developed a thirst for exploring new dishes, new cuisines and experimenting with cooking them too! I love a bit of everything but I could never get tired of eating Vietnamese food, the balance of flavours is just perfect for my palate.

For me it’s also a joy cooking for others and seeing them enjoy my food; as my friends and family say - you’re never underfed in my house! Ăn Đi was started from my passion for Vietnamese cuisine and as a homage to the food I had growing up. I believe good food should be accessible and shared, and I want to put more good Vietnamese food out there for everyone to try. So what are you waiting for…? Ăn đi!

Where are we?

Being a food truck means we can travel around to different markets and go feed different areas across London and beyond!

We constantly update this page in case of changes - for example, if we can’t open one week or if we have a new residency at a market or festival so remember to check this page before you come and visit us!

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Brentford Market

Every Sunday from 10am to 2pm

Currently our primary market residency is at Brentford Market in West London every Sunday (weather permitting… We’re fine with some rain but not if it’s too stormy to enjoy what you’re eating!)



Contact Us

We love to hear from you! Whether it’s for orders, feedback, or even just to say hi your messages mean a lot to us - they can help us to improve what we do or put a smile on our faces!

Our truck kitchen can also be available for events, corporate bookings, parties or other catering too so drop us a message and we’ll see what we can do for you…


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